Let Go and Let’s Go!

Our purpose is to run towards God, hard. No hesitation; no going back.

for most of my life, I’ve made so many regrets and disappointments, and the shame and guilt of it all drags me down, tripping me up; pushing me right down every time i try to get up.  I need it to end or i’ll be stuck down here on the ground, unable to run; unable to go and finish the race.  

And that’s my problem, I’ve been running this race by myself. It’s not supposed to be that way. I fail to remember the fact that I have this: community.  A community of brothers and sisters who care about me, and will help me run this race, and there is nothing i can say or do that make them hate me.  They recognize that we are all broken and are far from perfect, but are made perfect only through Christ who died for our sins. 

This shame, guilt, regret and disappointment is nothing compared to the true love I have in the Lord.  Him who has sacrificed Himself just to show His love for me.  To be whipped, beaten and crucified. 

How can I say that I’d rather settle in my shame, guilt, regret and disappointment after He has already died for the sins I’ve done? Shouldn’t i do my best loving Him back? Shouldn’t I run as hard as i can towards Him, lifting up all my sins and letting go of all the things that keep me from Him? YES!

I have His strength. I have His guidance. But most of all, I have His love. The one true love.

*****I’m leaving this as my last post so that i can revisit it and see the commitment that I’ve made.